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About Narendar Jhangiani

Narendar Jhangiani has been in the field of homeopathy for the last 11 years. Driven to study homeopathy after personal experiences with homeopathic treatment, he has earned a Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine from Singapore and a Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine from the UK.

Best Homeopathy Doctor in Singapore-Dr. Narendar Jhangiani

Narendar Jhangiani

DHM (Singapore) | DHM (U.K.)



The initial evaluation will be at least an hour trying to understand your particular symptoms. In addition to asking about your physical, mental, and emotional complaints or challenges and to learn what makes the symptoms better or worse, what kinds of foods you crave or abhor, what your sleep patterns are like, the content and patterns of your dreams, your major fears, your weather preferences, and more.

You will also be asked to give specific descriptions of your sensations because homeopaths find this very helpful. These sorts of very detailed questions might seem unusual if you have only received conventional medical care, but these nuances are critical in a homeopathic evaluation.


Once the homeopath gathers all of your information, he  will review your data looking for patterns. These patterns will guide the homeopath to a homeopathic remedy that has a similar symptom pattern. Using a process of "repertorization," cross referencing all of your symptoms in books called Materia Medica, which list the various remedies and their characteristic symptoms. Computer software are used as a aid  to help match  the information gathered, with the more than 5,000 known remedy pictures that exist, in an effort to make the best match.


Homeopathic remedies are made from a wide variety of plant, animal and mineral substances. They are made through a process of serial dilutions, where the original substance is first‘diluted’ and is then 'successed', meaning that it is energized by shaking the dilution. This process is done repeatedly, sometimes hundreds or thousands of times, resulting in an extremely dilute and highly energetically potent remedy.

In most cases, you will get the remedy directly from us, shortly after your consultation. Please note that we do not do over the counter sale of Homeopathy Medicines and we do not treat children below the age of 15.

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